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Banker with Management and Sales Track Record in Switzerland and Abroad

Banker with Management and Sales Track Record in Switzerland and Abroad

Swiss banker well known and accepted in the funds industry is using this platform to look at special opportunities at the time the possible challenge emerges. No time pressure to move.

  • Experience with wholesale, institutional and retail business lines
  • Personally acquired continuously substantial fund management mandates
  • Experience with developing and/or refocusing sales and product strategy
  • Led successfully sales teams covering Europe and overseas

Developed and implemented business plans for Switzerland and Europe.


Important: Please note that our HR-Exchange is based on a sophisticated and innovative SERVICE philosophy. A possible recruitment may be viewed like a direct application. We do NOT charge the typical agent fee based on total compensation. Our transaction fee is flat and small and therefore allows even Headhunters to consider suitable candidates to match mandate target.

For further information do not hesitate to contact Rainer K. Holzwarth, who will be pleased to take care of additional questions. Calls are even welcome to take place outside of normal office hours, including weekends.

Mobile:   +41 79 304 37 04
Office:   +41 56 664 46 00
Fax:       +41 56 664 00 55
Email:    rkh at holzwarth dot ch

Mail address: Holzwarth Wirtschaftskontakte AG - Postfach 163 - CH 5630 Muri

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